County Pediatrics, PLLC

Dr. Bina Fenn started her solo practice in 2010 so she could emphasize relationship and continuity in pediatrics, believing that to serve a child properly, the doctor must have a strong relationship with the entire family. She approached Pritchard Volk Consulting LLC about reworking her one-page “business card” website to make sure that her patient families could find her, and that they understood what to expect.

Dr. Fenn’s requirements for the new site included:

  • A website that explains her background, approach to pediatrics, and provides essential information about the practice
  • Accurate information about how to find her, with links to social media, and
  • Easy, intuitive editing to provide up-to-date information.

PVC worked with Bina to create a simple site that reflected her personality and boiled down the practice information to the essentials, making it easy to navigate. The new site is a major step forward, and even includes artwork hand-drawn by Dr. Fenn. PVC continues to work with County Pediatrics to strategize about how technology can be used to both enhance services to patients and reduce administrative overhead.