Hatchett Design Remodel

logo_hatchettPritchard Volk worked with this 50 year-old family business over a 21-month period to develop a strategic marketing plan and help management to implement it. While the construction market was strong in 2007, the company was in transition and struggling with its direction. Through a series of workshops, outside research and customer interviews, we worked with Hatchett to devise and implement tactics to support three primary marketing strategies:

  • Grow the business with a new customer base
  • Cultivate present customers for referrals and add-on business
  • Establish the brand image in targeted communities

Major initiatives that had immediate impact included revamping all collateral to establish a consistent look and message, developing a direct mail campaign introducing the company to new communities, and a telephone interview campaign of former prospects that resulted in significant changes in the sales process. As construction industry sales began to drop off in the fall of 2007, Hatchett’s sales began to rise. The economic downturn in late 2008 was difficult for all in the industry, but Hatchett maintains a solid foundation to build on as the economy turns around.