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Pritchard Volk Consulting, LLC is a SWAM certified women-owned business. We are thought leaders in strategy, business development and marketing with the ability to bring to the table a full complement of skills to meet client needs. Using custom research and innovative workshops for gathering data from stakeholders, we devise well-grounded solutions in collaboration with the people who know their business best – our clients.

We’re the conversation you have before you create marketing materials, go to an ad agency, or present yourself on social media.

What you get when you work with Pritchard Volk Consulting

  • A better understanding of the experience you deliver and how you can interact with your customers in a more powerful way.
  • A clearer picture of how you compete today and how to position yourself in the marketplace to best take advantage of your strengths.

Our flexible offerings include:

Strategic Marketing Plans

A six-week process consisting of workshops, key stakeholder interviews, research, competitive and comparative analysis resulting in a plan that includes identified target markets, brand messaging, clear strategies and high level tactics for success matched against goals and objectives.

Brand Messaging Plans

Through a series of custom clients workshops we work with the client to identify a clear brand messaging and brand story; the conversation you have before you hire an advertising agency.

Custom Problem-Solving Workshops

We work with clients to address specific business challenges: first, defining the problem and then creating a roadmap for solving the issues. These workshops are designed for clients who have hit a road block and need an outside view for clarity

Brand Workshops

Half day or full day workshops to help you discover your WHY—your brand essence or brand DNA—and help you build a roadmap to infuse this back into your organization.

Our Process

For Workshops

Branding Workshops

Goal: To articulate your root experience and brand messaging

We use a series of innovative exercises to help you discover your “WHY” (or root experience) and to establish appropriate brand messaging to infuse throughout your organization’s marketing efforts.

  • Discover your points of differentiation and distinguishing selling points,
  • Compare your current brand messaging with how you want it to be,
  • Evaluate the consistency of your messaging across all platforms, and
  • Look for opportunities that leverage your strengths

Custom Problem-Solving Workshops

Goal: To deliver a roadmap for resolving a specific business issue

In these intensive workshops, the process is designed drive you towards outcomes that are essential ingredients of articulating your root experience and brand messaging:

  • Articulate the Business Problem(s) to be solved
  • Agree upon your organization’s key Differentiators
  • Identify your Target Markets, and
  • Establish Goals & Objectives for your marketing effort.

For Strategic Plans

Goal: To create an actionable plan that transforms your brand strengths into success

Typically, a plan will contain the following basic elements representing the sum of our collaborative efforts:

  • Situation Analysis: Competitive & Comparative Analyses, SWOT Analysis, External Factors
  • A definition of the problem, differentiators, target markets, goals & objectives
  • Strategies with accompanying high-level tactics
  • Central creative ideas for the individual campaigns
  • Graphics standards to run through individual campaigns

The objective is to make this plan a working document from which implementation of all campaigns can proceed smoothly, efficiently and in a coordinated fashion.